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Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program


Program Year 2021

(July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022)




The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is an annual requirement of the CDBG Program, which is used to report to the community and to the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) on the Borough’s community investment of its CDBG monies and its performance on various programmatic requirements. The Program Year (PY) activities shared via the CAPER include, but are not limited to:

·Housing needs and how those needs were addressed with CDBG funds

·CDBG expenditures during the fiscal year

·Accomplishments during the year

·Performance assessment on the Borough’s goals and requirements.

Programmatic Requirements

· Timeliness: Unexpended funds may not total more than 1.5 times the current year’s grant. HUD checks this ratio annually on May 2. The Borough’s ratio was 1.40 on May 2, 2022, for PY 2021.

·Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Benefit: The Borough established a three-year Low-Mod Multi-Year Certification to meet its LMI benefit expenditure requirement of at least 70%. The Borough is in its first year of the Multi-Year Certification and has achieved an expenditure percentage of 64.04% with a PY 2021 LMI expenditure of $211,047.76.

·Public Service Cap: A maximum of 15% of funds may be obligated for public service activities. In PY 2021, the Borough obligated and spent $33,699.47, or 8.6%, for this category of activities. This programmatic requirement has been met.

·Planning & Administration Cap: No more than 20% of the 2021 grant allocation ($371,330), unexpended PY 2020 CDBG funds ($374,513.66) may be obligated for planning and administration activities. During PY 2021, the Borough obligated and expended $52,150 with no unliquidated administrative obligations. The total PY 2021 expenditure was 14.04%.

Housing Accomplishments

The Borough spent CDBG funds on the following housing programs:

·Homeownership: During PY 2021, no funds were distributed for acquisition or for other allowable homeownership investments per CDBG regulations.

·Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation: A total of $60,568 was expended to assist four households.

·Sidewalk/ADA Improvements: No funds were disbursed during PY 2021. The Borough of Carlisle will replenish Sidewalk Assistance Grant Program funding as part of the PY 2022 CDBG Annual Action Plan.

·Code Enforcement: The Borough expended $50,277.05 in CDBG funds on Code Enforcement during the year. As of June 30, 2022.

Other Accomplishments

· Carlisle Streetview Program: No new Streetview grants were issued during PY 2021.

·Economic Development/Shopsteading: One business – 360 Dance Fitters Company – opened in PY 2021 with a $50,000 loan in exchange for creation of one FTE jobs for LMI individuals.

·Public Services: The Borough continued to support the Hope Station Opportunity Zone, the Summer Neighborhood Program, and enhanced police patrols through the Hope Station Opportunity Zone Neighborhood and Carlisle’s other LMI areas.

·Public Facilities: The Borough spent $30,454.15 on two public facilities projects in Hope Station Community Service Program and Police Foot & Bike Patrol.

·Racial/Ethnic Composition for LMI Benefit Activities: Hispanic – 826; Non-Hispanic - 2700

CDBG Financial Summary:

·Unexpended Balance at End of PY 2020 - $374,513.66

·PY 2021 Entitlement Grant - $371,330.00

·PY 2021 Program Income - $34,108.00

·PY 2021 Expenditures - $433,852.57

·Unexpended Balance End of PY 2021 – $62,522.57

Evaluation and Comments:

The Borough met most of its goals in the maintenance of decent, affordable housing through direct assistance to homeowners and by enforcing codes and improving neighborhood facilities. The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program remains readily available, and the number of households served has remained roughly the same compared to the previous year. The Borough is working to expand marketing efforts for this program. In various ways, the Borough continued to support the homeless shelters located in its jurisdiction, which serve homeless persons from throughout Cumberland County.

The Borough strategically invested its CDBG grant among housing rehabilitation programs, code enforcement, social services, economic development, and facilities improvements to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing; increase economic opportunities; and enhance the general quality of life for its residents. As in previous years, the Borough focused its CDBG-funded activities in the Census Block Groups with the highest concentrations of LMI persons and greatest deterioration of facilities and housing stock.