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Cumberland County Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds


August 25, 2021

County of Cumberland

One Courthouse Square

Carlisle, PA 17013

(717) 240-6150

On or about September 3, 2021, the County of Cumberland will submit a request to the U.S. Office of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Region 3 Field Office for the release of Community Development Block Grant funds under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, to undertake a project known as Spot Blight: Demolition of Triplex & Garages for the purpose of demolition of a blighted three-unit single family dwelling and rear garages (property has been vacant for at least seven years prior to Borough acquisition this year); testing for and abatement of asbestos for all existing structures on the property; containment and enclosure of any asbestos found to be on the exterior and interior of the structures; removal of vegetation; excavation of the basement (as needed); backfilling; tamping; grading; and landscaping; with an estimated project cost of $250,000, which will be undertaken at 120-124 South Front Street, Wormleysburg, PA 17043. Mitigation measures needed to reach compliance: 1) Contamination & Toxic Substances - The Borough will issue RFPs for structural engineering to temporarily support the triplex for asbestos testing and for asbestos testing of existing structures on the property. If asbestos is found to be present, the Borough will ensure through the competitive bidding process that the selected demolition contractor will be qualified in containing and enclosing asbestos. All demolition debris will be disposed of at an approved disposal site. The Borough of Wormleysburg and the Redevelopment Authority will monitor the work of the selected demolition contractor and report to ensure that asbestos-contaminated debris is enclosed and disposed of at the approved disposal site. The Borough will provide the Redevelopment Authority with disposal documentation to demonstrate compliance. 2) Floodplain Management – The selected demolition contractor will undertake the following activities post-demolition: the dwelling basement area will be excavated (as needed), backfilled, tamped, graded, and landscaped. These post-demolition activities were advertised in the project description during the 8-Step Process. The Borough of Wormleysburg will advertise these project specifications as part of the competitive bidding process, and these will be part of the agreed-to conditions of the grant agreement between the Redevelopment Authority and the Borough of Wormleysburg, as well as the project contract between the Borough of Wormleysburg and the selected demolition contractor. The property will remain vacant.

The activities proposed are categorically excluded under HUD regulations at 24 CFR Part 58 from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. Additional project information is contained in the Environmental Review Record (ERR). An Environmental Review Record (ERR) that documents the environmental determinations for this project is on file at the Housing & Redevelopment Authorities of Cumberland County, 114 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, PA 17013, and may be examined or copied weekdays 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The ERR can also be accessed online at and


From August 26, 2021, until September 2, 2021, any individual, group, or agency may submit written comments on the ERR to the Housing & Redevelopment Authorities of Cumberland County at the above-mentioned mailing address to the attention of Chris Rafferty, Community Development Director, or via email at All comments received by September 2, 2021, will be considered by the County of Cumberland prior to authorizing submission of a request for release of funds.


The County of Cumberland certifies to HUD that Gary Eichelberger in his capacity as Chairman of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners consents to accept the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts if an action is brought to enforce responsibilities in relation to the environmental review process and that these responsibilities have been satisfied. HUD’s approval of the certification satisfies its responsibilities under NEPA and related laws and authorities and allows the County of Cumberland to use Program funds.


HUD will accept objections to its release of fund and the County of Cumberland’s certification for a period of fifteen days following the anticipated submission date or its actual receipt of the request (whichever is later) only if they are on one of the following bases: (a) the certification was not executed by the Certifying Officer of the County of Cumberland; (b) the County of Cumberland has omitted a step or failed to make a decision or finding required by HUD regulations at 24 CFR part 58; (c) the grant recipient or other participants in the development process have committed funds, incurred costs or undertaken activities not authorized by 24 CFR Part 58 before approval of a release of funds by HUD; or (d) another Federal agency acting pursuant to 40 CFR Part 1504 has submitted a written finding that the project is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of environmental quality. Objections must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the required procedures (24 CFR Part 58, Sec. 58.76) and shall be addressed to HUD Region 3 Office of Community Planning & Development at The Wanamaker Building, 12th Floor, 100 Penn Square East, Philadelphia, PA 19107-3380 or via email at Potential objectors should contact HUD via email to verify the actual last day of the objection period.

Gary Eichelberger

Chairman, Board of Commissioners

County of Cumberland

Click here to view the Environmental Review Record.