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FAQs 2022 HOME Application

Cumberland County HOME Program Application FY 2022

Who: HOME Program Applicants, PY 2022

From: Heather Tidwell, Community Development Director

Re: HOME Program FAQ


1.Is a full market study required at the time the application is submitted? No. The full market study is not required at the time the application(s) is/are submitted. The market study is due 30 days after the applicant is notified of an award.

2.Can the Local Support Letter be marked “Pending”? Yes. Provide a copy of the letter and provide an estimated date it will be submitted to CCRA.

3.Appendix 7 says WBE/MBE but is blank. The project construction will have minority subcontractors to obtain points in the minority participation section of the PHFA LIHTC app. Should we describe this in the Appendix 7? Yes.

4.If the project has a CHDO as a 51% owner should the CHDO be specified in the front of the application form as a “co-developer”? Yes.

5.Does the application need any other documents about the CHDO? If the application is requesting CHDO Reserve funds, the application should include proof that the CHDO is a certified Cumberland County, Pa CHDO. If the non-profit development organization is not a Cumberland County certified CHDO and would like to be, the application should include all of the documentation specified in the HOME Program Final Rule to be considered for CHDO designation.

6.Can an applicant wait to send the “Voluntary Acquisition Notice” to the seller until some later point? Answer: The applicant is responsible for reviewing 49 CFR Part 24, the Relocations and Real Property Acquisition Guidebook (1378), and CPD Notice 14-09 to determine when and what notices must be send to potential sellers and occupants. CCRA will review the applicants action to determine regulatory compliance.

7.When does CCRA anticipate making awards? Answer: CCRA anticipates announcing HOME Program awards at the end of May beginning of June. However, this is contingent on when HUD provides the entitlement grant amounts to Cumberland County for the CDBG and HOME program.

Please submit any questions or comments in writing. Thank you.