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HOME ARP Allocation Plan - Public Meeting, Dec. 8th, 2022

Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority is seeking public comment on developing the allocation plan for the HOME ARP funds granted by HUD.

The funds in the amount of $1,903,664 are available to support the following populations, People experiencing homelessness, defined in 24 CFR 91.5 Homeless (1), (2), or (3); People at risk of homelessness, defined in 24 CFR 91.5; People who are fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking (referred to as domestic violence/sexual assault/trafficking), and other populations who do not qualify under any of the other three populations but meet one of the following criteria: 1. Other families requiring services or housing assistance to prevent homelessness, or 2. Those at greatest risk of housing instability. Veterans, and households that include at least one veteran family member, that meet one of the definitions for QPs, are eligible to receive HOME-ARP assistance.

These funds are to be used in to provide Rental Housing, Tenant-Based Rental Assistance, Supportive Services, to acquire and develop Non Congregate Shelter.

Organizations and members of the public that would like to offer public comments are encouraged to attend our in-person meeting on December 8th from 2-4pm at the County Planning Office (310 Allen Rd, Carlisle) or contact the Heather Tidwell of the Redevelopment Authority at (717)249-0789 ext 130 or