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Request for Proposals


The Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (CCHRA), in coordination with the Cumberland County Planning Department (CCPD), seeks consultant assistance to develop a series of plans and analyses related to the community development and housing needs for Cumberland County. The County is seeking a team of consultants that can produce several federally-mandated plans related to the County’s Urban County status and use of Community Development Block Grant and HOME program funds. These plans will include the Borough of Carlisle, which is also a direct HUD entitlement community. In addition, the County is seeking assistance to update the housing element of Cumberland County’s Comprehensive Plan.

A complete RFP is available at www.cchra.com. Navigate to the News section of the website. If there are any updates, a revised RFP will be posted on the site. The submittal deadline is Friday, December 6th at 9am. Interviews will be held on Tuesday, December 17th at the Borough of Carlisle’s municipal building.

Amendment #1 makes several clarifications and adds required MBE/WBE language. Included on this website is information on Cumberland County’s MBE/WBE minimum participation level as well as the form required with submission of a response.

In addition, the current Consolidated Plans for Cumberland County and the Borough of Carlisle, and the joint AI Report is posted for consultant reference.

A written response to questions pertaining to this RFP will be posted to this website by 5pm on Tuesday, December 3rd.