NO NEW APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS OF APRIL 1, 2022 4pm Cumberland County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Local Housing Options Team

The Local Housing Options Team (LHOT) is a collaborative of social service agencies and other public and private organizations that serves Cumberland and Perry Counties and promotes safe, affordable, accessible housing choices for persons with disabilities. Since merging with the Association to End Homelessness in 2011, LHOT’s mission has expanded to include ending homelessness. The Authorities, working with our community partners, assist the disabled and the homeless in finding housing to meet their needs.

Each September, LHOT hosts an annual Housing Forum—a full day event with speakers, workshops, panel discussions, presentations and the latest data all focused on providing housing options. The forum brings together professionals, stakeholders and other interests to share ideas related to meeting the challenges of serving the homeless and persons with disabilities.

Please use the Outreach and Education link below to view community presentation.

Local Housing Options Team Community Presentation

Local Housing Options Team Brochure

Welcome to the Online PREP Course.

For the convenience of our clients and guests, we have established an online PREP course which follows the same curriculum as the in-person course. Everyone enrolling in a Homeless and Special Needs Housing program is to complete the course.

To take the course you must select the link below and follow the registration instructions. Upon completing the sign-in; you may take the course, answer the quizzes to prove your understanding, access the links for further information and obtain your completion certificate. Once your certificate is obtained, please give a copy to your case manager.