Cumberland County Emergency Rental Assistance applications will be put on hold until October 5th, 2022. All applications submitted will be reviewed after that date.

Workshop Schedule

FREE First-Time Homebuyer’s Workshop

2022 Schedule

The Redevelopment Authority of Cumberland County in partnership with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency present the Cumberland County First -Time Homebuyer’s Workshop. This workshop meets the requirements of and provides information for Cumberland County’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program; Tri-County HDC homebuyer programs; HUD and PHFA loan products; and USDA Rural Development loan products. Workshop topics include:

Advantages and Disadvantages of homeownership

Budget Planning and Record Keeping

Mortgage Qualifying

Beginning the Purchase Process

Loan Application Process

Closing the Real Estate Transaction

Taking Possession of Your Home

Priorities as a New Homeowner

Financial Emergencies

Home Repair and Maintenance

Improving Budgeting and money Management skills

Lead Paint concerns

Predatory Lending

Avoiding Foreclosure

Fair Housing

Comparison Shopping for a home Equity Loan

Classes are free. However, you MUST register and MUST attend both classes to get your certificate of completion.

Please email or call 866-683-5907 (option 2) to register. Leave your name (spell it if necessary), address, and phone number along with your preferred class dates.

All Classes are 5:30-9pm

January 18th and 20th

February 15th and 17th

March 15th and 17th

April 19th and 21st

May 17th and 19th

June 21st and 23rd

August 9th and 11th

September 20th and 22nd (full)

October 18th and 20th

November 15th and 17th