What Is It?

The Section 8 Financial Advantage Program (formerly known as Family Self Sufficiency) is a voluntary program designed to offer families supportive services in building their financial independence. The goal of our five-year program is to assist families in setting aside money in an escrow account whereby they can access the accumulated funds upon completion of the program. In addition, families will set goals with their case manager throughout the program to reach independence from the Section 8 Housing Voucher program. Eligible families are connected with the appropriate services throughout Cumberland County and Perry County.

As the FSS participant succeeds in raising their earned income, the portion of their monthly income contribution toward their Section 8 rent payment also increases. HUD regulations allow a percentage of the increase to be deposited in an interest-bearing escrow account. If the family meets their goals within five years and is free of welfare assistance for a period of twelve months and has steady employment, they will receive the funds in this account.

Each participating family creates a maximum five year plan that includes employment goals and identifies their needs in training or education needs to gain economic independence. Each family will identify their individual needs for services that might include child care, education, transportation, job training and placement, counseling, parenting skills, money management or credit counseling, and other assistance. The head of household of the family must seek and maintain employment. If the family does not meet their obligations, the money in the escrow account would be forfeited and participation in the FSS Program withdrawn.

The FSS Program collaborates with other agencies and service providers within Cumberland and Perry Counties:

  • Career Link
  • Remedial Education/GED
  • Job Skill Training & Placement
  • Financial & Budget Counseling
  • First Time Homebuyer Program
  • Homeownership Program
  • Homemaking & Parenting Skills

Get Started

You must be a current participant in the Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program. If you are motivated and have the determination to become independent, then you are ready to get started.