What is it?

The goal of this program is to create and maintain an attractive and marketable commercial district by assisting building owners in maintaining their building exteriors within the Business, Historic, and Downtown areas.

Businesses and commercial property owners located within a municipality’s Business, Historic, and/or Downtown areas can receive up to $12,000 in grant funds for improvements to their properties or storefronts. The grant can provide 75%, up to $12,000, of the project cost.

The facade is any part of a building that is visible from a public street, alley or right of way. Most exterior work is eligible for this program. Work can include but is not limited to painting, masonry work, gentle cleaning, window and door replacement, and roofing. The program guidelines contain a complete list of eligible work items.

Getting Started

The applicant will need to complete and submit a full program application. Our Inspector will visit the property to determine that all aspects of the application are correct and necessary. Once the work is completed, the Inspector will visit once again to ensure that all work has been done according to plan. The grant funds are then released as a reimbursement.

Please direct all Cumberland County Streetview Grant Program inquiries. Applications can be completed by clicking here.

Sue Dunfee

Housing Rehabilitation Specialist