Cumberland County Emergency Rental Assistance applications are open. Please see our webpage for more information on how to apply.

Cumberland County Landlord Incentive Program

The Cumberland County Housing Authority believes that everyone deserves a place to call home. Quality affordable housing is critical to a healthy community and economy. Landlords are key to helping our communities prosper. To acknowledge a landlord’s investment in helping creating housing opportunities, the Authority is launching the Landlord Incentive Program. Participating landlords will receive reimbursement for short-term vacancies and minor unit repairs when they rent their unit to a renter with a housing voucher or in need of Emergency Shelter.

Additionally, we have implemented the Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Coalition, which seeks to create a network of invested housing choice landlords. Through this group of individuals, we will hold quarterly meetings to socialize and discuss policy and concerns, distribute a landlord-only newsletter, and encourage landlords to be advocates for housing voucher acceptance. If interested in joining, please reach out to Mikayla Kitchen, Community Engagement Specialist, at

What incentives are available to landlords?

New Landlord Participation Bonus

Landlords currently not accepting housing vouchers are eligible to receive a New Landlord Bonus of $1,000.

Property Damage Reimbursement

Landlords may be reimbursed up to $500 for physical damages to a unit occupied by an ESG or HCV tenant.

Vacancy Reimbursement

Landlords may be provided a holding fee to hold a unit.

Informational Sessions & Webinars

Exclusive Landlords-Only Newsletter

Continued Participation Bonus

Landlords will be eligible for a $200 Continued Participation Bonus when a previous housing voucher tenant moves out and a new housing voucher tenant moves in.

Guaranteed Rent Payments

Tenant Pre-Screening

Interested? There are two options for landlords to participate:

Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Incentive Program

Emergency Shelter Grant Landlord Incentive Program


How much can I charge someone with a housing voucher?

You are able to set the price you like for your unit, as long as it adheres to Fair Market Rent. Every year, HUD adjusts the Fair Market Rent (FMR) to reflect the current average rental unit pricing. This provides a guide for both Housing Authorities (like CCHRA) and their participating landlords to charge their tenants fairly and proportionately.

2022 Fair Market Rents
Efficiency Unit - $732
One-Bedroom Unit - $843
Two-Bedroom Unit - $1,074
Three-Bedroom Unit - $1,364
Four-Bedroom Unit - $1,456

Cumberland County, PA is part of the Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA MSA, which consists of the following counties: Cumberland County, PA; Dauphin County, PA; and Perry County, PA.

What if I get a problem tenant?

As the landlord, you retain the right to evict any tenant, even one with a housing voucher. While we try to avoid evictions, it is between landlord and tenant if a lease agreement is broken in any way. Every tenant who receives a housing voucher is, however, pre-screened for any possible issues and is already prescribed the resources they may need to overcome these problems. You also get the chance to screen tenants based on your own criteria to avoid any miscommunications.

There is no evidence to show that voucher holders make more problematic tenants than non-voucher holders. Studies show that most individuals with housing vouchers are long-term tenants, staying 7-8 years on average.

Will I have to accept housing vouchers for the rest of my career?

Not at all. It is your decision when to, and when not to, accept vouchers. We will always be here to help when you do decide to!