NO NEW APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS OF APRIL 1, 2022 4pm Cumberland County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Cumberland County Landlord Incentive Program

The Cumberland County Housing Authority believes that everyone deserves a place to call home. Quality affordable housing is critical to a healthy community and economy. Landlords are key to helping our communities prosper. To acknowledge a landlord’s investment in helping creating housing opportunities, the Authority is launching the Landlord Incentive Program. Participating landlords will receive reimbursement for short-term vacancies and minor unit repairs when they rent their unit to a renter with a housing voucher or in need of Emergency Shelter.

What incentives are available to landlords?

New Landlord Participation Bonus

Landlords currently not accepting housing vouchers are eligible to receive a New Landlord Bonus of $1,000.

Property Damage Reimbursement

Landlords may be reimbursed up to $500 for physical damages to a unit occupied by an ESG or HCV tenant.

Vacancy Reimbursement

Landlords may be provided a holding fee to hold a unit.

Interested? There are two options for landlords to participate:

Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Incentive Program

Emergency Shelter Grant Landlord Incentive Program