Cumberland County Shopsteading Loans Program is currently closed and is not accepting applications at this time. Carlisle Borough Shopsteading Loans are open – see below.

What Is It?

The Shopsteading Loan Program offers businesses or properties with commercial tenants in downtown areas low-interest financing for projects designed to improve the business community and prompt foot traffic.

How Does It Work?

The loan program is focused primarily on retailers, restaurants, and other downtown enterprises.

Financing can be obtained for:

  • Purchasing or improve properties
  • Purchasing equipment, fixtures, or furnishings
  • Site improvements
  • Working capital

This program is often used in conjunction with other programs and incentives offered in the county and by the Downtown Carlisle Association as well as through our valued partners, including local, state, and federal government agencies and private lending institutions.

Cumberland County

Cumberland County and its valued partners are committed to the ongoing revitalization of the downtown, its historic preservation, the sustainability of the surrounding neighborhoods and a vibrant, welcoming, business community. Shopsteading Loans are available for downtown areas, described as commercial hotspots that are largely locally-owned businesses.